Sunrise Springs - Santa Fe's Tranquil Oasis

DR. SALLY FISHER, M.D. While at Sunrise, consider spending time with our Medical Director who can offer a holistic approach to your health concerns or wellness goals. Dr. Sally is available tomeet with you privately and in relaxed group settings to discuss anything fromweight loss and GI health to sleep issues and nutrition. She is here to help guests take a holistic approach to their health, providing themwith a compassionate and sustainable plan for living well. MICHAEL SCHROEDER, Lead Counselor It can be hard tomake time for self-care and contemplation in our busy daily lives. While at Sunrise, find time to meet withMichael for a personal consultation and explore how to proactivelymanage relationships, life transitions, stress andmore. Through sessions designed to bring insight, inspiration and clarity to guests’ daily lives, Michael helps to facilitate conversations in a tranquil environment that can help you refocus on elements of your life. 5 WHAT IS INTENTIONAL TRAVEL? At Sunrise, travelers find a spectrumof unique rejuvenation to transformational experiences. Our tranquil setting offers guests the perfect place to relax, reflect and refocus their intentions. Whether you seek to heal yourmind, body and spirit, or simply recharge, we have something here for everyone. Resident experts Dr. Sally Fisher, MD andMichael Schroeder, MA, LMFT offer ways for every guest— fromthemost seasoned traveler to the novice explorer—tomake themost of their stay here and continue their intentional focus long after they’ve left. STARRY NIGHT You may notice that the night sky illuminates more brilliantly here than anywhere else! During the days of winter, take advantage of the extra time at night to stargaze by the fire, walk in the farolito labyrinth, and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of our state’s most beautiful cultural resource… the starry sky! BE GUIDED BY EXPERIENCES Find peace in themany experiential offerings here, like playing with puppies in our puppy studio, painting or beading in our expressive arts classes, hiking a nearby trail, cooking with fresh herbs and vegetables from the Sunrise garden, andmuchmore. INTENTIONS CAN BE SIMPLE OR COMPLEX Intentional travel has a different meaning for each individual, and is a very personal experience. While some travelers seek deeper level relaxation through dietary cleanses or more intensive offerings, others seek relaxation through a simple escape from the everyday. SURRENDER TO THE OUTCOME While you may have intended to hike the highest mountain, yet only made it to base camp, recognize the effort you placed on the intention and celebrate the outcome — no matter how big or small. Be open to what you may find through intentional travel.